Hina Beauty Salon (Pvt.) Ltd
Hina Beauty Salon was established a decade ago, with a dream to change not just the way people looked but to add ample positivity in their attitude to life! Hina Ghafoor, Founder & CEO of Hina Beauty Salon pioneered a new era in the hair and beauty care industry by channelizing their knowledge of the international beauty industry to spark a vision of bringing a successful world class beauty salon brand to Pakistan. The realization of this dream saw the birth of Hina's. Being a versatile yet affordable salon brand that caters to a whole potpourri of people from different walks of life,
Hina's flourished over the years to become a name synonymous with hair and beauty care in Pakistan. At Hina's we are constantly updating ourselves with international fashion trends and reinterpreting them to suit Pakistan sensibilities. Our professional hairdressers, beauty care experts and makeup artists use only quality products and latest equipment; strive to incorporate fresh creative ideas to bring out the best in our every customer. Our versatile range of hair and beauty care services rendered by our professionals are designed to provide courteous and impeccable service.
We also offer a unique Franchise System to encourage entrepreneurs, especially women. The sound business model behind a Hina's franchise and the support we offer makes this a business venture that will spell success from the word go. Striving to revolutionize the grooming industry in every aspect, Hina's has established an academy to train professionals who want to take up a successful career in the wondrous world of beauty.
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Hina Ghafoor

CEO of Hina Beauty Salon
Sophisticated and experienced staff combined with luxurious and upmarket interiors clubbed with international range of beauty products-make Hina Beauty Salon what they are. Hina Beauty Salon also provides beauty services including skin care and make up. Known for their organic ingredients, the range of skin and beauty products used in these outlets; afford the clients a truly luxurious experience. What makes trip to Hina Beauty Salon an experience and not just a visit to a salon is the personalised service provided. The staff here truly believes that every client has different requirements and hence, every treatment administered meets the specific needs of the client.
Spa treatments for the hair are formulated from rare and exotic ingredients that keep hair healthy, shining and feeling silky. You will also feel immensely relaxed with the whole pampering treatment. Besides this, we have a line of therapeutic treatments for hair loss, dandruff and so on. Our massages are the ultimate bliss and our professionals work their nimble fingers to unlock all their stress and leave you feeling absolutely relaxed. It helps relieve the soreness and pain of stressed muscles, body pain and so on. Hina's also offers exclusive Bridal packages featuring the top Bridal makeup artists and Bridal hair stylists to make sure you look absolutely stunning on your wedding day!